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This is how NEPSE acted on the last trading day


Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd. The index closed its value within a tight range from recent trading sessions at the level of 1229.99. Whereas Trading and Hotels sub-indices were the market movers for the intraday trading session. , with 6.51% and 2.85% respectively.


Brief market activities as of Monday. Nov 19, 2019 (GMT +5:45)

  • Premarket: 1131.13 (10:50 am)

market adjusting price for the opening from the previous day.




  • Open:  1131.25 (11:00 am)
  • High:   1132.35 (11:12 am)
  • Low:    1127.96 (13:14 pm)
  • Close: 1129.99 (15:00 pm)


The market on Tuesday remained under the control of the bears within 2 hours of starting bell, until the buyers from the Trading and Hotels sub-indices showed some interest to go long from the level around 1127.96 to calm the pressures and adjust the price in a neutral form until the close at the level of 1129.99.



Now the trading range looks around to break either side of the chart on the intraday basis, the level between 1145.57 (from November 07, 2019) and 1129.99 (from November 19, 2019). The breakout on either side will show some lights on the market for the upcoming moves. The daily close below 1127 will provide some fresh new ideas to participate in the market with profitable moves.