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NOC (Nepal Oil Corporation) Distribution Network.


The transportation of petroleum products is distributed from IOC (Indian Oil Corporation) refineries, Terminal, and depots to the corresponding NOC depots. And retail dealers are provided by tank trucks.



  • Throughout Nepal | 494 |
  • Number of engaged tanks | 1893 |






All the products are ensured for quality assurance before the delivery to the customers, by a committee of various representatives:


  • A representative from government Authorities.
  • A representative from Consumer Forum.
  • Representative from Dealer's Association
  • Representative from Nepal Oil Corporation.


For Motor Spirit (MS) and High-Speed Diesel (HSD), two samples of each product are drawn, one sample is kept safely at the despatching location and the other one is in the custody of retail dealers and regular monitoring of the quality of the products is performed by the means of surprise checks. Any retail dealers found to be selling out substandard products are penalized as per the existing rules and regulations.